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Phaser + Vite Template

18th January 2024

New Phaser + Vite Template streamlines Game Development

Phaser + Parcel Template

17th January 2024

New Phaser + Parcel Template streamlines Game Development

Collaborative Multiplayer Editor

15th January 2024

Introducing Moddio - A Collaborative Multiplayer Game Editor powered by Phaser

Phaser Editor 2D v3.66

12th January 2024

The latest version of Phaser Editor 2D is out, bringing new Script Node libraries for custom game logic and behaviours.

Phaser in OpenUK 2024 Honours List

10th January 2024

OpenUK 2024 Honours List Spotlights Phaser Creator Richard Davey for Open Source Excellence

Brand new Phaser TypeScript Book

10th January 2024

Getting Ready to Develop HTML5 Games with Phaser and TypeScript

Battle Bots Game at UN AI Forum 2023

9th January 2024

Phaser-Powered Battle Bots Game Revolutionizes Learning at UN AI and Big Data Forum 2023

Create Phaser Games with Rosebud AI

5th January 2024

Step into the Future - Rosebud AI and Phaser Combine for Next-Gen Game Development

Phaser Dev Log March 2023

24th March 2023

Read about the latest developments with Phaser 3.60 including the new FX, ESM Support and more.

Phaser 3.60 Beta 20 Released

17th March 2023

The latest beta version of Phaser 3.60 is now available on GitHub and npm.

Phaser 3.60 Beta 13 Released

26th October 2022

The latest version of Phaser 3.60 is now available on GitHub and npm.

Phaser Dev Log October 2022

14th October 2022

Read about the latest developments with Phaser 3.60 and the wider Phaser community.

Phaser 3.60 Beta 10 Released

20th September 2022

Read about the Beta 10 release of Phaser 3.60 including demos of the new Tween System.

OPGames Powers-Up Phaser Development

11th November 2021

Phaser development accelerated by part of $300K OPGames donation towards open source.

Phaser 3.55 Released

24th May 2021

This version introduces rendering improvements for mixed display lists and fixes and updates for DOM and Container input.

Unofficial Phaser Help Center is Live

30th April 2021

Easily browse the Phaser API and Examples using this new online tool from the author of Phaser Editor.

Phaser 3 GUI Inspector

26th April 2021

Gain an insight into your display list, Game Objects and more with this UI debugging tool.


21st April 2021

Your very own Virtual Stream Pet.

Floating Numbers Plugin

12th April 2021

Easily add floating numbers into your game to show when you've gained points or xp.

Phaser 3 TypeScript Starter

2nd April 2021

A handy starter template including Phaser, TypeScript, Rollup and Vite.

Enable 3D Phaser Extension

22nd March 2021

Integrate 3D Objects and Physics with few lines of code in to your Phaser Games.

Phaser Editor 3.11 Released

8th March 2021

This new update includes Asset Grouping, Block View updates, SVG enhancements and more.

GameSnacks Game Platform Launched

24th February 2021

Read about Google's new casual web gaming platform.

Page Curl FX

23rd February 2021

A new Post FX pack providing a smooth page-curl transition for Phaser 3.50.

Phaser Dev Log - February 2021

15th February 2021

Read all about the latest developments in Phaser, as well as an exclusive video of the new Phaser 3 Documentation system.