We're happy to announce that Phaser Compressor is now available for all Phaser subscribers.

It has long been possible to create custom builds of Phaser, but it requires pulling down a special repo and getting deep into the guts of a hefty webpack configuration to even get started.

Phaser Compressor removes this pain and presents a clean web-based interface that does it for you. All of the options that can be removed from a build are broken down by section, such as 'Physics', 'Math' and 'Game Objects'. Click any section to see all of the components inside, and from there you can quickly remove anything you don't require in your game.

Once done, you can elect to set further settings, such as the browser target, export format and filename. Then hit the 'Generate Build' button and wait as it spins-up a web worker and fires off the WASM build scripts in the background. Upon completion you'll be presented with a break-down to see how much you've saved, and of course options to download the build files.

For example, if you don't use Matter Physics, or Tilemaps, in your game, just deselect them and instantly save over 16%. You can even choose to remove the whole WebGL Renderer (purely using Canvas), which can make for some tiny builds. Strip it back and you can shave over 60% off, creating bundle sizes well below 150 KB in size (min+gz) - this is perfect for those working in size constrained environments, or targeting mobile first.

Don't worry about accidentally removing something that Phaser requires internally, Compressor handles that for you and all core libs are always present, no matter how aggressively you start disabling things.

Phaser Compressor is available immediately for all Phaser members with active subscriptions. If you don't have a subscribe, please see the pricing page for details.

Launch Phaser Compressor