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Flappy Bird AI

24th June 2020

Teaching AI to Play Flappy Bird

Making Games in Phaser 3 - Part 2

23rd October 2018

A video overview of Scene's in Phaser 3 and what they can do.

Coding Multiplayer Pacman in One Week

9th October 2018

A video showing the creation of an IO version of Pacman in just a week.

GameFromScratch Phaser 3 Video

1st March 2018

A new 40 min video from Game From Scratch focusing on getting started with Phaser 3.

FullStack introduction to Phaser

18th September 2017

A nice short presentation on what Phaser is, its features and a demonstration game.

Live Teachers Training

11th July 2017

A recording of a Phaser training session given at Clayfield College, Brisbane.

Open Source Evolution of Phaser

24th January 2017

A video showing the creation of Phaser, from the very first commit and on.

Phaser 3 State Manager Video

11th November 2016

Watch the new Phaser 3 State Manager in action in this new video.

BristolJS Phaser Development Video

3rd November 2016

Richard Davey's BristolJS presentation on HTML5 Game Development with Phaser.

Prototyping with Phaser

31st October 2016

Josh Regan's Bristol JS session on Prototyping with Phaser.

2D Game Design Videos

22nd June 2016

A series of videos on creating your first Phaser game.

Multiplayer Phoenix Video

2nd June 2016

Building Multiplayer Games with Phoenix and Phaser video.

Battle Monster Video

1st March 2015

Turn-based battle engine

Let's Make a Game With Phaser Video

3rd January 2015

By Gabe Hollombe at JSConf.Asia

Games! Gaming in the Browser.

12th December 2014

A session from Fronteers14

VideoGameArmy presentation

4th December 2014

Plus source (Spanish)

Mighty Editor video

2nd December 2014

1/4 - Make a game

5 Part Spanish Phaser Tutorial

15th November 2014

On YouTube by skullkid

Animation editor teaser

5th November 2014

MightyEditor & Phaser

Herramientas Software - Automatizar Phaser

23rd October 2014

23min Spanish YouTube tutorial

LREditor Tutorial 2

29th July 2014

This time we see how to set-up a new project

LREditor Video Tutorial

21st July 2014

Covers installation, an example and getting started

France HTML5 User Group

30th June 2014

HTML5 16th meetup at the School 42