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France HTML5 User Group

30th June 2014

HTML5 16th meetup at the School 42

A mighty MightyEditor update

27th June 2014

Loads of updates for this awesome Phaser game editor

Running Phaser on Node.js

25th June 2014

How I did it and why you shouldn't do it

7 Page Phaser Tutorial

19th June 2014

From issue 22 of Screen Guide magazine (German)

6 Tips to make your Phaser game work with CocoonJS

16th June 2014

lIKEADEV Blog by Peter Jankowski

Phaser - A Javascript Gaming Framework

15th June 2014

Orbital Game Studios share their views on using Phaser

Ghosts'n Goblins made with Phaser

14th June 2014

Only the first level, but superbly well done!


13th June 2014

Phaser CoffeeScript + Browserify + LiveReload Development Boilerplate

Using Tilemaps in Phaser

12th June 2014

A nice little intro to tilemaps by Svejk Games

Adventures in Phaser with TypeScript

11th June 2014

Graphics Time! The next installment of the GameFromScratch series

Jstanbul Meetup

11th June 2014

Demircan Celebi talks about Phaser at Istanbul JavaScript User Group

HTML5 Mobile Game Development with Phaser

10th June 2014

A 2.5 hour complete video course.

HTML5 London Codeshow: Internet World ED

6th June 2014

Phaser or opening the doors to HTML5 gaming by Alvin Ourrad

Code Liberation's Web-based Storytelling Series

3rd June 2014

A weekly event including Phaser coding