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Creating Zuma with Phaser Tutorial

16th July 2024

Build a HTML5 game like Zuma with Phaser and TypeScript

How to load assets via JSON

9th July 2024

Scott Westover's New YouTube Tutorial: Efficiently Load Game Assets in Phaser 3 Using External JSON Configurations

An architecture for Phaser JS + Redux

30th July 2021

A handy set of notes on using Phaser 3 with Redux.

Field of View for a Roguelike Tutorial

28th July 2021

Learn how to only show what is visible around the player with this field of view algorithm tutorial.

Deck of Cards Management Tutorial

26th July 2021

Here is a quick HTML5 prototype to shuffle and draw a deck of cards using Phaser 3, full commented source code available.

Decentralized Game Template

23rd July 2021

Quickly create decentralized web games with this template.

Run Around Tutorial

21st July 2021

Create the hyper casual one button game where you run around the circle jumping over obstacles. Full code available.

Detect Overlap Between Selection Box and Sprites

19th July 2021

A tutorial on how to select multiple units by dragging a selection box over them, like in an RTS game.

Using Tilemaps in Phaser 3 from an Array

16th July 2021

In this new video learn how to add Tilemaps to your game using an data array.

Build a game like qomp with Arcade Physics

14th July 2021

Full source code to make a game like qomp, where you play as a Pong ball that must escape the paddles.

Simple Fog of War Effect for a Roguelike

12th July 2021

How to create a fog of war effect to give the right atmosphere for a dungeon crawler.

Energy Consumption of Web Games

9th July 2021

A comprehensive look at the power consumption used by Phaser games and how to reduce it.

How to Communicate Between Scenes in Phaser 3

7th July 2021

Use events to pass data between Scenes for decoupled code.

Bouncing Light Phaser 3D Prototype

5th July 2021

Turn your 2D games in to shiny new 3D games with almost no effort thanks to three.js and Phaser 3D library.

Make Enemy Sprites Track the Player

2nd July 2021

Use this tutorial to learn how to have enemies, opponents, or NPCs look at the player in a top-down game.

Multiplayer Space Invaders Tutorial Part 4

30th June 2021

The final part of how to build a multiplayer Space Invaders game.

OpenForge Ionic Video

28th June 2021

Building Mobile Games with Ionic Framework and Phaser JS.

Hop Hop Hop Underwater Prototype

25th June 2021

Use gravity and thrust to create a prototype of this hit hyper casual game.

Multiplayer Space Invaders Tutorial Part 3

23rd June 2021

Learn about implementing pub / sub in a multiplayer Space Invaders game.

How to Get Phaser Spine Plugin to Work Without NPM

21st June 2021

This tutorial will show you which files you need and how to use them to get the Phaser 3 Spine Plugin running.

Puppet Bird Wheel Tutorial

18th June 2021

How to create a rotating crank for a Puppet Bird style game.

Multiplayer Space Invaders Tutorial Part 2

16th June 2021

Learn about network protocols, architecture and system design for a multiplayer Space Invaders game.

Add Text Input to Your Phaser 3 Game with RexUI

14th June 2021

See how you can use the RexUI TextEdit plugin to get text input from the player.

Basic Phaser Webpack Guide

11th June 2021

A guide to getting started with Webpack and Phaser to prepare your game for distribution.

Multiplayer Space Invaders Tutorial Part 1

9th June 2021

Building a realtime multiplayer Space Invaders game in less than a day.