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Phaser sponsors js13k

17th July 2024

Phaser sponsors the js13k coding competition

Phaser Beam Technical Preview 3

12th July 2024

Explore the latest advancements in the new Phaser renderer, featuring improved Game Objects, enhanced lighting, TileSprites and many more features!

Phaser Editor v4.1.0 Released

11th July 2024

Introducing native installers, easy to use templates, visual particle emitters, dependency installation and more in the largest Phaser Editor update this year.

Phaser v3.85 Beta 1 Released

21st June 2024

A brand new beta version of Phaser 3 is now available to download. Plus, learn more about what's planned beyond this.

Phaser Editor Templates

21st June 2024

You can now access over 20 framework and bundler templates, including React, Vue and Bun, directly from within Phaser Editor.

20th June 2024

Craft your game’s perfect website in minutes with zero coding involved. Combine Phaser and for seamless game promotion and distribution.


13th June 2024

Explore a Coding Adventure with Playful Coding Games


12th June 2024

Blast Fireworks Live on Stream in this rocket launching Twitch extension created with Phaser

Phaser Remix Template

4th June 2024

Bridging Web Apps and Games: Introducing Phaser and Remix Integration

Phaser Beam Technical Preview 2

31st May 2024

Read about development of the brand new WebGL Renderer, Phaser Beam, and experiment with it in our Sandbox

Phaser Editor v4.0.2 Released

30th May 2024

A new release of Phaser Editor is now available including the Sprite Sheet Viewer and several bug fixes.

Phaser Compressor Released

29th May 2024

Use our powerful new web-based tool to crunch your Phaser bundles down by up to 60%, enabling only the features your game requires.

Phaser Bun Template

21st May 2024

Web Game Development made faster as Phaser releases its new Bun Template

Phaser Sandbox v3 Released

16th May 2024

The latest version of the Phaser Sandbox is live, with themes, favorites and more!

Phaser Playable Ads Plugin Released

9th May 2024

Our new unified Playable Ads Template is now available and supports 10 major ad networks

Phaser Discord Multiplayer Tutorial Available

7th May 2024

A tutorial and project template showing how to combine Phaser and Colyseus to create a multiplayer Discord activity

Phaser v3.90 Technical Preview 1

2nd May 2024

The brand new Phaser WebGL Renderer, that will form the core of the next milestone release, is now available to take for a test drive.

Phaser Editor Trial Version now available

1st May 2024

Explorer the features of Phaser Editor in this fully loaded trial, without even leaving your browser

Phaser Sandbox v2

30th April 2024

The free online Phaser code editor just got a boost to version 2. Check out the new features.

Phaser by Example Book

19th April 2024

A brand-new free 500 page book on game development with Phaser. Learn by building shoot-em-ups, puzzle games, rogue-likes and more.

Phaser Sandbox

19th April 2024

Easily create, fork and share your Phaser code in our new Sandbox

Create Game App

2nd April 2024

New Phaser create-game CLI app makes getting started faster than ever

Gamedev.js Jam 2024

29th March 2024

Enter a Phaser game in Gamedev.js Jam 2024 for a share of $1000 worth of prize money

Create Discord Games with Phaser

27th March 2024

A new tutorial and project template for creating games on Discord with Phaser

Official Phaser 3 and Next.js Template

27th March 2024

Create a game combining Phaser 3 and Next.js in this Project Template