This tutorial covers setting-up your development environment. Picking an editor, installing a web server, downloading Phaser and creating a Hello World test.

Learn how to create a game completely from scratch. Add a player and make him run and jump around the platforms, collecting stars and avoiding baddies.

There are 1726 source code examples available to run on our web site. Dig around, explore and see what you find! You can also download them all from the Git repo to browse locally.

This documentation is generated from the source code and covers every method, property and class across the entire API. Use it in conjunction with examples and tutorials to get a deeper understanding of the framework.

Phaser 3 has complete support for Facebook Instant Games. We've a range of tutorials covering it. From Getting Started, to the Leaderboards API, to displaying ads and offering In App Purchases in your games.

We publish regular Dev Logs that detail what has been worked on recently and what's coming down the line in beta releases. There are also extensive tutorials and structural guides to be found here.

The community are constantly publishing new tutorials. There are literally hundreds of them, covering everything from custom game objects, to shaders. Be sure to check out the videos too.

A 155 page book, that comes with 28 source code examples and is written by Emanuele Feronato, one of the most prolific Phaser tutorial authors around. Learn how to make a game, scale it for devices and publish it.

Get taught by the experts in this comprehensive series. 11 Courses, 175 Lessons and over 28 hours of video. With downloadable project files and closed captions you'll have learned lots by the end.

Latest Tutorials

Here are some of the most recently added tutorials:

26th June 2019

Part 5 of the animated video series on getting started with Phaser 3, this time sprite sheets and clickable sprites are introduced.

25th June 2019

Drag the string to the goal as you learn how to create this update of a classic Flash game.

24th June 2019

How to create a parallax scrolling effect with Tile Sprites, including pixel art assets to download.

21st June 2019

Part 4 of the animated video series on getting started with Phaser 3, this time all about moving images.

20th June 2019

In part 3 learn how to add client side logic for handling player input and collectibles.

19th June 2019

Adding deadly fire to the game and making it more fun to play by reducing the players hitbox.

18th June 2019

In the next part of this series Emanuele adds in a scrolling parallax background.

17th June 2019

Carrying on from the Gravity tutorial it's time to make things jump!

14th June 2019

In part 2 of the series learn how to add and server logic for adding and removing players.

13th June 2019

A JavaScript class to handle same-game logic and a Phaser 3 implementation example.

11th June 2019

A blog post detailing the process of converting a legacy Flash game to HTML5 and the tools available.

10th June 2019

A mini tutorial all about using gravity and sound effects in Arcade Physics.


A new tutorial on how to reduce the file size of your Phaser bundle by creating a custom build.


Learn how to create a Phaser game with Quest using their online tool and art templates.


Extending existing classes can be very powerful. In this tutorial learn the basics of how to extend a Sprite in Phaser 3.

26th April 2019

A helper library for creating destructible 2D terrain complete with collision checks and examples.

25th April 2019

Start with setting up a dev environment and moving to coding a game in TypeScript in this beginners tutorial.

24th April 2019

Build a game like Block It in less than 100 lines of code in this new tutorial.

23rd April 2019

A new tutorial on creating 2D skeletal animations using Creature and Phaser 3.

22nd April 2019

In the next part of this series a new class is created that can generically handle any match 3 grid system.