This tutorial covers setting-up your development environment. Picking an editor, installing a web server, downloading Phaser and creating a Hello World test.

Learn how to create a game completely from scratch. Add a player and make him run and jump around the platforms, collecting stars and avoiding baddies.

There are 1772 source code examples available to run on our web site. Dig around, explore and see what you find! You can also download them all from the Git repo to browse locally.

This documentation is generated from the source code and covers every method, property and class across the entire API. Use it in conjunction with examples and tutorials to get a deeper understanding of the framework.

Phaser 3 has complete support for Facebook Instant Games. We've a range of tutorials covering it. From Getting Started, to the Leaderboards API, to displaying ads and offering In App Purchases in your games.

We publish regular Dev Logs that detail what has been worked on recently and what's coming down the line in beta releases. There are also extensive tutorials and structural guides to be found here.

The community are constantly publishing new tutorials. There are literally hundreds of them, covering everything from custom game objects, to shaders. Be sure to check out the videos too.

Texture Atlases are vital for modern games. This is a comprehensive tutorial with example code on how to create and use them within Phaser 3, using the Texture Packer app.

Get taught by the experts in this comprehensive series. 11 Courses, 175 Lessons and over 28 hours of video. With downloadable project files and closed captions you'll have learned lots by the end.

Latest Tutorials

14th May 2021

Tired of filling your code with console.log? Try out PGInspector instead to debug Phaser Game Objects.

12th May 2021

Give your game a native-like feel without using a wrapper or building an app artifact.

10th May 2021

A tutorial on creating a continuous side scrolling effect using Tile Sprites.

7th May 2021

How to create light and darkness using ray casting and polygon visibility.

5th May 2021

How to quickly test your Phaser 3 game on Mobile Devices, straight from the development server.

3rd May 2021

Creating a Multiplayer Drawing Game with Phaser and MongoDB.

30th April 2021

Learn how to use Object Pools with Matter.js Physics bodies in Phaser 3.

28th April 2021

Learn how to make the game Bricks using Arcade Physics and Tweens.

23rd April 2021

This tutorial builds upon earlier with a dedicated class for re-usability and integration with the Game Object Factory.

21st April 2021

Learn about how to add “Radial gravity” or “Planet gravity” to your games with Arcade Physics.

19th April 2021

Maintaining a Geolocation Specific Game Leaderboard with Phaser and MongoDB.

16th April 2021

Build a game like “A Life of Logic” with Phaser 3.

14th April 2021

Optimize your game with Basic Object Pools in Phaser 3 using the Group Class.


This tutorial and accompanying video walk you through the process of creating the classic Chrome Dino game.


Creating a Flashlight or Spotlight Effect in Phaser 3 using a RenderTexture and alpha masks.


Build a HTML5 game like “Surfingers” using Phaser and Arcade Physics.

31st March 2021

Follow through a series of tutorials covering the creation of a multiplayer poker game using

29th March 2021

Making a homing missile that seeks a target using Arcade Physics in Phaser 3.

26th March 2021

A tutorial series dealing with managing poker card hand combinations in your game.

24th March 2021

Create a game like Fuse Ballz using Phaser and Matter Physics