We are happy to announce the release of the Phaser Sandbox. This new feature provides a web-based code editor fully loaded with all the latest Phaser versions and a real-time preview.

You may have used something similar in the past on sites such as Codepen. Our version is, of course, dedicated to Phaser and will automatically load the Phaser TypeScript definitions, giving you code insight and auto-completion as you work.

The concept behind a sandbox is that you can use it to easily demonstrate small snippets of code. Perhaps you're stuck with a problem and need to show your code off in our Discord? Or maybe you've created a fun little effect or game you want to share? Simply register for a free account on the Phaser site and visit the sandbox section to create it.

Once saved, you'll get a URL you can share with anyone. If you go to the Phaser Account section of our site and select 'Sandbox' you can see a list of all the sandbox entries you've created, along with a view counter and have the ability to add a description to them, so you can easily remember which ones they are.

You can also fork other users sandbox entries, iterate on them and help fix bugs or improve them. In the coming weeks we will release new features to make the service ever more useful.

For now, have a look at a nice graphical example, get smashy in this cool game - or get started creating your own!

Play in the Phaser Sandbox