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Developing Cobalt Dungeon

17th July 2018

A great blog post about developing this iOs and Android game using Phaser and Cordova.

Rubble Games Blog

29th November 2017

Read about the game development behing Zombie Cannon Attack and other Phaser games.

How we made Borborygmus

17th January 2017

A great look at how the interactive story book was created, and the challenges it posed.

Student Success

17th August 2016

Mike Dwyer’s First Game and New Projects.

Crucial Pain Dev Blog

6th June 2016

Crucial Pain – The Story Of Its Creation.

Mobile Games and Cocoon

6th August 2015

A look at using with Phaser

9 Fun HTML5 Games

3rd July 2015

Built with Phaser

Prince of Persia JS

14th May 2015

All levels now implemented in this classic remake

Economic Hitman

24th April 2015

A LD32 post-mortem about taking part in the game jam

Creating the game Snake

14th March 2015

Benjamin Horn explains how he approached the build

Dad Codes Games

2nd March 2015

Start your engines

Phaser Screen Saver

27th February 2015

A Mac Screen Saver built with Phaser

Mobile-Efficient Camera Follow

7th February 2015

From The Botanist Game Blog

Getting Started with HTML5 Game Development

17th December 2014

Game Engines and Using the Intel XDK for Game Development

Electric Pixels Blog

2nd December 2014

Rotate Space –

bitplanets dev videos

1st December 2014

Experimenting new graphics for the planets

Building a Game With a 6-Year-Old

29th November 2014

Dad and son remake Blocky Roads

Start working with Phaser 2

8th November 2014

How and where to learn

Phaser v2.1.3 + Pixi v2.0.0 Released

23rd October 2014

Faster and better than ever!

How I developed Gravity Quest

27th August 2014

Using Phaser by Erik Wittern

2 Great Frameworks to write HTML5 Games

14th August 2014

Avrora cover Quintus and Phaser

The Creation of Gunner

4th August 2014

Making an HTML5 knockoff of Chinese arcade game knockoffs with Phaser

France HTML5 User Group

30th June 2014

HTML5 16th meetup at the School 42

6 Tips to make your Phaser game work with CocoonJS

16th June 2014

lIKEADEV Blog by Peter Jankowski