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Intel Android Tablet Gamejam

31st October 2014

A nice summary of this event

Intro to HTML5 game development and Phaser.js

30th October 2014

Bristol (UK) Phaser CodeHub Course

Making a character invincible

29th October 2014

Another tutorial from Invrse

Adventures in Phaser with TypeScript

23rd October 2014

Part 11: Loading and Using Tiled Maps

Herramientas Software - Automatizar Phaser

23rd October 2014

23min Spanish YouTube tutorial

Phaser v2.1.3 + Pixi v2.0.0 Released

23rd October 2014

Faster and better than ever!

Brand New Phaser API Docs

22nd October 2014

Available as JSON files.

Create a Survival Horror Game

22nd October 2014

In 6 easy steps - in time for halloween!

Issue 260 of .net magazine

20th October 2014

A great 4 page Phaser tutorial

Phaser Cheatsheet

18th October 2014

A great resource with lots of useful info

Find the Cat

17th October 2014

Groupon create their first ever game with Phaser

How to make a sidescroller game

13th October 2014

Pablo Farias Navarro on HTML5 Hub

Hot New Games!

11th October 2014

Duck up! - Gunflux - Shiny Gauntlet

Phaser - HTML5 Game Framework

10th October 2014

Invrse Phaser Review

Phaser 2.1.2 Released

9th October 2014

With loads of updates and fixes!

Trappy Tomb

8th October 2014

Congrats for being front-paged by Newgrounds :)

Bring your HTML5 games title screen to life

7th October 2014

Emanuele Feronato shows how in one minute with Phaser