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Pocoyo Candy Hunter

29th December 2014

Another famous brand using Phaser for its game


28th December 2014

Allows you to write Phaser games entirely in Ruby


26th December 2014

Fun new game!

Christmas Quest

24th December 2014

Beat all 100 levels!

Texture Packer 3.6.0

21st December 2014

Creating spritesheets for with TexturePacker

Visual Studio Phaser Game Template

19th December 2014

Starter Template for Phaser HTML Game Engine using JavaScript

Hot new games

18th December 2014

Pixels for Christmas and Volkswagen Das Auto Tennis

Getting Started with HTML5 Game Development

17th December 2014

Game Engines and Using the Intel XDK for Game Development

Phaser + Cordova API Tutorial

13th December 2014

How to make a mobile virtual pet game

Games! Gaming in the Browser.

12th December 2014

A session from Fronteers14

Phaser.js tutorial

11th December 2014

Building a polished space shooter game (part 1)

A Guide to the Phaser Tween Manager

8th December 2014

Book + Code Bundle is now out!

Emanuele Feronato Phaser Tutorial

7th December 2014

How to create a level selection screen with locked levels and stars

MightyEditor Update

5th December 2014

With a brand new keyframe animation tool

VideoGameArmy presentation

4th December 2014

Plus source (Spanish)

Learning Phaser

3rd December 2014

A Chinese course on learning Phaser

A Chinese tutorial

3rd December 2014

Phaser and Device Orientation API

Phaser 2.2 is Released!

3rd December 2014

Read all about the new features and updates

Mighty Editor video

2nd December 2014

1/4 - Make a game