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Snail Bob 8

21st December 2018

All Bob wants to do is catch some fish, but instead he has to puzzle his way through 30 increasingly fiendish levels in this superb puzzle platform game.


21st December 2018

Build complete Phaser games, interactions and product pages directly from PSD files, using a comprehensive visual front end to apply effects and publish to multiple platforms.

Sokoban Phaser 3 Tutorial Part 5

20th December 2018

In the final part of this comprehensive tutorial series learn how to publish your game and earn money from ads.

Fantasy Wars

20th December 2018

A turn-based strategy game where six fantasy races fight it out to the death in a small crowded world.

Ho ho Hotride

19th December 2018

Santa grabs some skis and must weave his way to the village in this voxel styled Christmas game.

ROCKet Racing

18th December 2018

The newest extreme sport for rich people with too much time and money. Try to race your rocket-powered-rock down the hill faster than the opponents!

The Adventure of Bleekofla

17th December 2018

You play an intergalactic scout, trying to recover your ship, in this charming pixel based platformer.

Sokoban Phaser 3 Tutorial Part 4

17th December 2018

In part 4 of this comprehensive tutorial series it covers creating a game overlay in React.

Making HTML5 Games with Phaser 3

14th December 2018

A brand new Udemy course comprising 153 lectures, 4.5 hours of video and 29 resources.

Sokoban Phaser 3 Tutorial Part 3

13th December 2018

In part 3 of this comprehensive tutorial series it covers handling input and game logic.

Set Phasers to JavaScript

12th December 2018

The full set of slides from Jesse Harlin's talk at ThunderPlains conference about Phaser 3.

Phaser Backer Examples December 2018

12th December 2018

The Phaser Backer Examples are now available including a Scrollbars component, Scene Builder and Swipe Gestures.

Sokoban Phaser 3 Tutorial Part 2

11th December 2018

In part 2 of this comprehensive tutorial series it covers creating a fully interactive level.

DesignCode Phaser 3 Course

10th December 2018

DesignCode have a brand new step-by-step course available about creating a fun game in Phaser 3.

Sokoban Phaser 3 Tutorial

7th December 2018

A comprehensive tutorial series on creating the classic game Sokoban in Phaser 3.

Facebook Instant Games Ads Tutorial

7th December 2018

Learn how to create and display ads in your Facebook Instant Games using the Phaser 3 Plugin.

Creating a Phaser 3 Text Style Library

6th December 2018

A tutorial on creating a library of Text Styles for use in Phaser 3 games.

Buttons in Phaser 3

5th December 2018

A tutorial on creating your own Text Button Game Object in Phaser 3.

Tower Defense Tutorial

4th December 2018

A comprehensive tutorial on creating a tower defense game in Phaser 3.

Phaser + Electron + TypeScript + Parcel

3rd December 2018

A minimal template combining Phaser 3, Electron, TyperScript and Parcel to bundle it all together.

Fireboy and Watergirl

30th November 2018

Take control of the two titular heroes as they venture into the Crystal Temple on a gem grabbing, puzzle infested quest.

Facebook Instant Games Leaderboards Tutorial

30th November 2018

Learn how to create and use Leaderboards with the Facebook Instant Games Plugin for Phaser 3.

Tap Tap Plane

29th November 2018

Just tap to keep your plane in the air, collect the stars and unlock the intro sequences.

Retro Highscore Table Tutorial

29th November 2018

A new multi-part tutorial on creating a retro styled high-score table in Phaser 3 with modern inputs.

Booster Space

28th November 2018

The asteroid survival game! Can you take out the other players and the rocks in this space blasting IO game?