A comprehensive tutorial series on creating the classic game Sokoban in Phaser 3.

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Crazy Games has published a new multi-part tutorial series on creating the game Sokoban in Phaser 3:

"In this series we discuss our Sokoban clone, written in Phaser 3. The game is available on CrazyGames.

Sokoban is an old Japanese puzzle game from the 80s. Your character is a warehouse employee that needs to push crates into the correct location. You can only push a single crate at the time, and must be careful not to get stuck.

The focus of this writeup lies on the implementation, and we’ll show a lot of code snippets. The reason for this is that, while the implementation of Phaser 3 itself may be done, it is still lacking some documentation and more advanced code examples. Nonetheless, the documentation and examples pages are invaluable resources, and something I always had open during development. We try to highlight some of the issues we encountered while developing Sokoban, and how we solved them."

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