Quest AI enables you to develop faster so you can iterate and launch your game faster.

  • Automatically builds user interface based on your design, so you get pixel-perfect experience with launch-ready code.
  • Timeline functionality helps you build interactions easily that you can quickly preview and tweak without writing any code.
  • Integrated code editor enables you to write Phaser code to define your gameplay.
  • One-click publish that bundles all of this along with Analytics and Performance Optimization.


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Quest AI is a web based system that allows you to easily create playables, fully-fledged games, product pages, interactive demos and more. A range of PSD templates are provided, which you modify, upload, and then Quest AI extracts all of the layers and prepares it ready for turning into a game.

The visual interface allows for easy drag and drop of elements, timeline sequencing, tweens, event handling, sounds and lots more. And, because it's all Phaser code under the hood, you can edit the source of the interaction at any time to add in the customizations you may need.

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