In part 4 of this comprehensive tutorial series it covers creating a game overlay in React.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 17th Dec 2018.   @phaser_


Crazy Games has published a new multi-part tutorial series on creating the game Sokoban in Phaser 3:

"In this part of our Sokoban Series we will create an overlay for our game. The overlay contains our menu in which the user can select different levels, and a volume control.

We tried making a simple menu in Phaser, but we found that Phaser is not suited to do this in a straight-forward manner. It would take us a lot less work in simple HTML, so that’s what we did.

Enter React and material-ui. React is a JS library to create user interfaces. Material-UI provide react components that implement Google’s Material Design, and that simply look a lot better than I can design myself. We will not explain React in this post, that could be a whole book on its own. We focus on how you can communicate with your Phaser game from outside of Phaser."

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