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FullStack NYC Phaser Session

11th February 2019

The first FullStack conference in NYC features a game creation session with Phaser.

Bot Framework Adventure Games

17th January 2019

Creating an 8-bit adventure game using Phaser that you can control via the Microsoft Bot Framework.

Set Phasers to JavaScript

12th December 2018

The full set of slides from Jesse Harlin's talk at ThunderPlains conference about Phaser 3.

FITC Spotlight Web Games

29th August 2017

Attend the Phaser presentation at the Spotlight Web Games conference this October.

JS Kongress Phaser Workshop

1st November 2016

Book now for the Phaser workshop at JS Kongress conference.

Paris Web 2016

15th August 2016

A 3 hour workshop on creating games in Phaser.

JS Kongress Munich

3rd August 2016

Making games with JavaScript and Phaser talk at JS Kongress Munich.

FullStack 2016 Conference

17th May 2016

Going Commando - A serverless multiplayer game.

Elixir Conf EU

18th April 2016

Building Multiplayer Games with Phoenix and Phaser.

HTML5 Dev Conf

6th October 2015

HTML5 Mobile Game Development for Beginners

Web Unleashed 2015

12th August 2015

Making Native Browser Games in the Modern Age

Opal + Phaser

28th February 2015

Desenvolvimento de Games com Opal +

Modus Create Webinar

25th February 2015

The New Age of Browser Based Gaming

Prototyping with Phaser

15th November 2014

A slide deck from Stephen Whitmore

France HTML5 User Group

30th June 2014

HTML5 16th meetup at the School 42

Introduction to HTML5 game development (with Phaser)

18th April 2014

Slides from the CodeMotion Phaser talk By Valerio Riva

Introduction to Making HTML5 Games with Phaser

20th March 2014

A workshop at the Barcelona Future JS Conference