A brand new Udemy course comprising 153 lectures, 4.5 hours of video and 29 resources.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 14th Dec 2018.   @phaser_


This is a brand new course on Udemy all about Phaser 3 game development:

"By taking this course on Making HTML5 Games with Phaser 3, the newest version of Phaser. You'll not only build 3 HTML5 games but also create a reusable game template to help you make your own game ideas come to life.

If you know a little bit of JavaScript and have a big passion for games, this is the course for you!

You will learn how to set up games to run on desktop computers and mobile devices

You will be able to turn your imagination into exciting games!

I will show you some of the tricks and techniques that I have picked up over the years, such as showing you how to build code to reuse it!

Code Templates and all resources you need to complete the games are included!

I love talking about game development, especially where it comes to building Phaser games, and am happy to answer your questions and discuss any ideas you may have!"

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