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Circle vs. Line Segment Tutorial

26th October 2018

A short but useful tutorial on handling circle to line segment intersection in your games.

Phaser UI Tools

25th October 2018

A set of powerful Phaser 3 plugins for creating UI components such as scroll bars, text buttons and more.

Circular Endless Runner Tutorial

24th October 2018

Learn how to create a circular endless runner in part one of this new tutorial series.

Making Games in Phaser 3 - Part 2

23rd October 2018

A video overview of Scene's in Phaser 3 and what they can do.

Beehive Blitz

22nd October 2018

The hive is buzzing and the bees are working furiously as they try to complete their jobs by sundown!

Down the Mountain Tutorial Part 2

22nd October 2018

In the second part of this series the prototype is updated so the jump is handled using cubic bezier curves.

Yatzy Halloween

19th October 2018

Why are these dice looking so scary and tiny pumpkins are everywhere? What strange event is going to hit Yatzy for Halloween?

Tiled Physics Plugin for Phaser

19th October 2018

A new plugin that handles physics movement an collision for a tiled world.

Facebook Instant Games Phaser Tutorial

18th October 2018

The first in a series of long-form tutorials covering the process of creating a Facebook Instant Game with Phaser 3.

Managing Big Maps in Phaser 3

18th October 2018

A tutorial on splitting your game world up into chunks and progressively handling it as the player moves around.

Madcap Mahjong

18th October 2018

Match the tiles and clear the board in this crazy take on solitaire mahjong.

Tweens and Curves Tutorial

17th October 2018

Learn how to use Tweens with curves and Bezier Curves with full source code.

17th October 2018

Tunneling fun game! Compete with other players in a huge arena to tunnel through the mud, destroy the gold nuggets and power-up your tank.

Blob 'n Pop!

16th October 2018

Pop the bubbles, avoiding the forbidden color. Pop color combos to reach the highest score.

UI Blocks

16th October 2018

A lightweight alternative to Containers for Phaser 3 Games.

Phaser 3.15.0 Released

16th October 2018

This important release contains several high priority fixes for a performance regression and iOS input locking bug, as well as several new features.

Down the Mountain Tutorial

15th October 2018

In this tutorial Emanuele updates his “Down the Mountain” prototype to Phaser 3 with full source code.

Poo Jumper

15th October 2018

You're a runner, out for a run - can you avoid all of the dog poo in order to get the highest score possible?!

Fly or Die

12th October 2018

The world has been overrun by zombies! Take to the skies in your constantly upgrading plane and blow them away, while trying to clear the map.

SunnyLands Wood Pack

12th October 2018

A super-cute and free pack of pixel art for a woodland level platform game.

Infinity Land

11th October 2018

Run and jump your way through lots of community created levels, from easy to insane. When you've had enough, use the brilliant tools to build your own.

Wheel of Fortune Tutorial Part 4

11th October 2018

In the final part of the series learn how to add icons to the wheel using Containers.

Knife Hit Tutorial Part 4

10th October 2018

Learn how to add apples which you can slice apart in to your re-creation of the Knife Hit game in this part of the tutorial.

The Last Battery

10th October 2018

Hold on to the battery for as long as possible! Whoever has it the longest, wins the round.

Fields and Flags

9th October 2018

Very similar to minesweeper, except mistakes cost you money. How far can you get while keeping all your funds?