Tunneling fun game! Compete with other players in a huge arena to tunnel through the mud, destroy the gold nuggets and power-up your tank.

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In this game you have to compete with other players in huge arena while destroying Gold Nuggets for EXP. You start with a Basic Tank and must upgrade it to become the most powerful player on the server!

Every player starts with a basic tank at level 1. As the player destroys Gold nuggets they receive EXP, allowing them to purchase Upgrades. The basic tank only has one ability, Smoke Screen. It is recommended that a player upgrade to a different class, since the basic tank never gains any other abilities.


As of now the 3 tank classes are

Behemoth, Artillery, and Saboteur.

Gold Nuggets are destructible objects that give experience points (EXP) to a player when it is destroyed. The player that deals the last bit of damage is the one that receives the EXP. Since the Christmas 2017 update, nuggets now show how much health they have after being shot.


There are 4 different levels of Gold Nuggets. They are different by size, location and EXP given. Level 1 nuggets are found only in the safe zone / No PvP Zone. Only players under level 10 can destroy nuggets in the safe zone. Outside the safezone players can find nuggets of level 2-4. Level 2 is the most common, level 4 is the most rare, and level 3 is in between.

Higher level nuggets yield more experience when destroyed, but the exact amount of EXP released varies. Higher level nuggets also take more damage to destroy.

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