This important release contains several high priority fixes for a performance regression and iOS input locking bug, as well as several new features.

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We are releasing this version ahead of schedule in order to make some very important iOS performance and input related fixes available. It does not contain the new Scale Manager or Spine support, both of which have been moved to 3.16 as they require a few more weeks of development.

3.15 is primarily a hot fix release, although as it contains some new features as well we used a full version number for it. It contains fixes to a performance regression that occurred when making heavy use of Text objects, bringing rendering speeds back up to previous levels across desktop and mobile.

It also contains an important fix where touch input would be lost in some instances on iOS, especially if a non-browser UI got in the way (such as bringing up the dock) or from a Facebook ad overlay. One final change is in the handling of Keyboard events within Scene's. It will now automatically reset the state of any Key objects within the Keyboard Plugin when closing down a Scene. This prevents them from becoming stuck in a 'down' state if you quickly swap Scenes.


New features include the Cameras having the ability to be destroyed on removal and you can now set the maximum number of lights the Light Manager can use in the game config, previously it was hard-coded to 10 lights.

With this important release out, development will now continue with the new Scale Manager and Spine integration.

As always, please check out the Change Log for comprehensive details about what recent versions contain.

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