During the creation of Phaser 3 we published weekly Developers Logs in the Phaser World newsletter. After this, we published monthly developer logs. You can find them all archived below.

Published Dev Log Contents
165 February 2021 Talking about lockdown coding and a video of the new Phaser 3 Docs system.
164 November 2020 All about the new pipelines and post-fx support coming to 3.50.
163 October 2020 A deep dive into the massive Mesh overhaul, plus iso maps.
162 September 2020 The brand new animation system explained in detail.
161 August 2020 Geometry intersection and the new multi pipeline.
160 July 2020 Multi texture support and the Light Pipeline overhaul.
159 June 2020 Phaser 4: The new RenderPass and World 3D objects.
158 May 2020 Phaser 4: Multiple Entry Points, Renderer Updates, Render Layers, Effect Layers and more.
157 April 2020 Phaser 4: Structural changes, monopackages, Farewell God classes and Scenes.
156 March 2020 Phaser 4: The new Render Cache, Input Mapping, tiny bundle sizes.
155 February 2020 Phaser 4: Canvas support and the evolution of the WebGL Renderer.
154 December 2019 Phaser 3 Matter Physics updates.
153 November 2019 Phaser 4: Experimenting with Pico.gl, drawcalls and texture fills.
152 October 2019 Part 2 - Talking about the 3.20 release and new Video Game Object.
151 October 2019 Part 1 - Talking about the 3.20 release and new Video Game Object.
150 September 2019 Phaser 4: Discussing how coding with v4 will be very different compared to before.
149 August 2019 Phaser 4: A long and exhaustive look at how Phaser 4 will be developed.
148 19th August 2019 Phaser 4 Announcement and a catch-up on Phaser 3.18 and 3.19 releases.
147 11th June 2019 Details about the 3.18 Release and the changes to the Input API, with mouse wheel and multi-touch support.
146 13th May 2019 Details about Phaser CE 2.13 and Phaser 3.17, including a mini-guide to Shaders and the 3.18 release plans.
145 23rd April 2019 DOM Elements leave beta and Geometry Masks get a huge overhaul.
144 5th April 2019 Phaser is 5 years old and we look back on what that means and where we're going. Plus details about Arcade Physics 2 and Phaser 3D.
143 6th March 2019 We reach 24k stars on GitHub, Arcade Physics gets updated, read about the new overlapTiles feature and the virtual joystick plugin.
142 26th February 2019 Work on Phaser 3.16.3 and the new docs site continues .
141 18th February 2019 This week we discuss all the work that is taking place on the documentation and new types.
140 11th February 2019 All about the 3.16.2 Release and a guide on the new Key events.
139 5th February 2019 All about the release of Phaser 3.16, the headline changes and what's coming next.
138 28th January 2019 Details about Fullscreen support, the new shapshot features, changes to the Input event system and 3.16 Release Candidate 1.
137 21st January 2019 Learn about the new Event system within V3 and what this means for the documentation and IDE support.
136 14th January 2019 A deep dive into how the new Phaser 3 Scale Manager is being built, with examples, code and game configs.
135 7th January 2019 How a multi-scene drag bug was fixed and a tutorial on moving and stopping physics objects.
134 21st December 2018 New Phaser Forum, Keyboard Updates, new Animation Events, Erasing Render Textures and more!
133 3rd December 2018 Details all of the changes to the input system in the up-coming 3.16 release.
132 31st October 2018 The latest news about the Spine Plugin development and details about the new Context switching 'Extern' Game Object.
131 15th October 2018 The Doc Jam continues, Spine development updates, dealing with performance and accessing Matter directly.
130 8th October 2018 Phaser Doc Jam Update, 3.14 Released, Spine support coming and a comprehensive guide on Phaser Factories, what they are and how to extend them.
129 24th September 2018 Phaser 3.13 Released, Camera Shaders and all about the Phaser Doc Jam.
128 18th September 2018 All about the roadmap for the forthcoming releases and the new Shape Game Object.
127 3rd September 2018 A comprehensive guide on creating custom builds of Phaser 3.
126 28th August 2018 Phaser 3.12 Beta 3, release roadmap, Tilemap updates, SVG Resizing and Matter updates.
125 10th August 2018 Render Texture overhaul, new Crop support and Camera Filters.
124 30th July 2018 Redevelopment of the Flat Tint Pipeline and the introduction of textured Graphics.
122 16th July 2018 Phaser releases, 3.12 roadmap and Tilemap culling and extruding tutorial.
121 30th April 2018 The second part of the huge Scenes tutorial and the new 3.7 Loader updates.
120 24th April 2018 An extensive look at Containers, docs and other recent updates.
119 31st March 2018 Phaser 3.3 News and Part 1 of a huge guide to Phaser Scenes.
118 13th March 2018 Phaser 3.2.1 released, Migration Guide Part 2 and Events Tutorial.
117 5th March 2018 Phaser 3.2 release including Render Textures and Scene Manager updates. Animation tutorial, drag zones and more.
116 26th February 2018 Phaser 3 is released! Download details, part one of a migration guide and a tutorial on Input Events.
115 5th February 2018 The Phaser 3 release date and part two of the Tilemap Physics updates.
114 30th January 2018 Death March to release, Sound Manager completed and advanced Tilemap Physics demos.
113 22nd January 2018 Beta 19 is out, Tilemaps get full physics collision, Sound goes legacy and we prepare for release.
112 15th January 2018 Beta 18, new Event system, Tilemap collision, Sound updates, renderer tidy-up and Amiga demos.
111 8th January 2018 Sound Manager updates, the new Scale Manager, Beta 15 and more.
110 2nd January 2018 Phaser 3 next steps.
109 21st December 2017 Sound seeking, Text Wrapping, Pointer Lock, Glow shaders and Graphic Mesh rendering.
108 4th December 2017 Phaser 3 Tilemap API and Sound Manger updates covered in detail.
107 27th November 2017 Matter.js physics lands in V3. Sound API updates and work on rendering displays.
106 20th November 2017 Tilemap updates, Sound Manager updates and Bitmap and Geometry masks are implemented.
105 13th November 2017 A new release schedule and the return of Arcade Physics.
104 6th November 2017 V3 Beta 9, loads of fixes everywhere and lots of new examples.
103 30th October 2017 A massive update to the Particle system lands in Beta 8.
101 16th October 2017 JSDocs update and Phaser 3 Particle Emitter.
100 9th October 2017 Phaser 3 documentation tools and work.
99 2nd October 2017 Number Count Tweens, Curves, Paths and Followers.
98 25th September 2017 Phaser 3 Beta 4 is out. Sprite3D and Camera3D demos.
97 18th September 2017 Beta 2, Docs updates and Vector math land.
96 11th September 2017 Phaser 3 Beta 1 is out.
95 6th September 2017 Phaser 3 MOSS award.
94 21st August 2017 Updates to the lighting system and loads of new physics tests.
93 14th August 2017 JSDocs, Tween Manager completed and Deferred Lighting.
92 7th August 2017 Custom blend modes and the new Light Layer.
91 31st July 2017 Phaser v3 Alpha Release is out.
90 24th July 2017 v3 Input Manager Updates.
89 17th July 2017 The v3 Input Manager starts to take shape.
88 10th July 2017 New State features, Tint demos and multi-camera tests.
87 3rd July 2017 New Clock class, Timers, Endless Tilemaps and State updates.
86 26th June 2017 Dynamic Tilemaps are added along with ScrollFactor.
85 19th June 2017 Create a game of Snake in this new Phaser 3 Tutorial.
84 9th June 2017 RetroFonts return and Tilemap Examples galore
83 5th June 2017 The new Phaser 3 Web site is launched
82 26th May 2017 TweenManager Planning and TileMap Renderer
81 19th May 2017 WebGL Snapshots and new Mesh Game Object
80 12th May 2017 Graphics Transform Operations and Render to Texture Support
79 8th May 2017 TileSprite Game Objects, DDoS Attacks and Trello
78 28th April 2017 Text Metrics and a new Time Step loop
77 21st April 2017 Spring cleaning and Render Pass Game Object
76 14th April 2017 Animation Manager Updates and JSON Configuration work
75 7th April 2017 New Loader Filetypes, Shader Effects and Animations
74 31st March 2017 Phaser Actions and new Triangle Geometry
73 24th March 2017 Layers, Sprite Flipping and Depth Sorting
72 17th March 2017 New Text Game Object and Trail Effects
71 10th March 2017 3D Line Rendering with the Graphics API
70 3rd March 2017 Bitmap Text Game Object and the start of the Graphics API
69 24th February 2017 Bitmap Text started and Keyboard Manager Updates
68 17th February 2017 Global Registry Added, State Updates and new Color Object
67 10th February 2017 New State Manager and Camera System added
66 3rd February 2017 New Blitter Stress Tests and Transform Updates
65 27th January 2017 Hard work refactoring the Game Loop and Display List
64 20th January 2017 Blitter Batch and Sprite Batch Renderers
63 13th January 2017 Dynamic Sound FX and WebGL 2D Rendering
62 6th January 2017 Geometry, Hermite Curves and Intersections
61 30th December 2016 Geometry Classes and Bitmap Text Rendering
60 16th December 2016 Loader XHR Updates, Maps and Explaining v3 Module Structure
59 9th December 2016 Texture Manager, Math Classes and Graphics API Started
58 2nd December 2016 Transform Bounds and building the new Loader
57 25th November 2016 Using webpack2, new Examples Browser and tutorials
56 18th November 2016 Blitter and Bob Game Objects
55 11th November 2016 State Manager Video and Survey
54 4th November 2016 New Renderer and FBO Tests
53 28th October 2016 Phaser 3 Presentation Video
52 21st October 2016 WebGL Batch Manager and Tint Support
51 14th October 2016 Clarifying Phaser 3, new Components, Colors and Dirty Renderer
50 7th October 2016 Ironing out Pixi and Staying on Target
49 2nd October 2016 Consolidating Pixi
48 23rd September 2016 Phaser 3 Beta, Compressed and Rotated Textures
47 16th September 2016 House keeping, ES6 Issues and Filters
46 9th September 2016 Pulling down the house of cards
45 2nd September 2016 Phaser 2.6.2 and Phaser 3 Survey

Dev Logs prior to #45 cover our work on Phaser 2, so are omitted here for clarity. If you'd like to read them please browse the Newsletter Back Issues archives.