Phaser is a JavaScript library that you include in your web projects. You can download it, fork our git repository, use it from a CDN, or install via npm. You'll find instructions for all of these on the download page.


Getting Started

Phaser games are coded using JavaScript or TypeScript in an editor such as VS Code.

If you are familiar with web development and already have an editor installed then you can jump directly to the Making Your First Phaser Game tutorial.

Otherwise, we recommend reading our Getting Started Guide.


Discover Features

One of the best ways to learn Phaser is by looking at example code alongside our API Documentation. We've created thousands of examples, covering all kinds of topics. Run them, edit them, tweak and remix - all while learning how Phaser works.

And don't forget to join our popular forum and Discord channels.


Make Games and Publish

Developers worldwide, including indie devs, students, digital agencies, TV companies, and corporations, are using Phaser to create their games. They've collectively released thousands of titles. Don't forget to share your completed game with us! #madeinphaser