Phaser 3.1.2 "Onishi" is the current stable version and was released on 23rd February 2018.
The previous version of Phaser was 3.1.1.


Download this version from npm. Need more details? Follow this tutorial.

npm install phaser@3.1.2


Phaser is on the jsDelivr CDN. Include one of the following in your html:

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>

Looking for Phaser 2 / CE?

The latest CE release is 2.10.1 released on 18th February 2018.

Which file should I download?

Familiar with git? Use the "clone" link to get the whole repo. The "js" and "min.js" links download pre-built versions of Phaser with all modules enabled. The zip and tar links download an archive of the repository. If you're just doing a quick test then it's safe to grab the js files, however it's always worth having the source code to hand for reference.

What's New in 3.1.2?


  • Hundreds of JSDoc fixes across the whole API.
  • Tween.updateTweenData will now check to see if the Tween target still exists before trying to update its properties.
  • If you try to use a local data URI in the Loader it now console warns instead of logs (thanks @samme)

Bug Fixes

  • The KeyCode FORWAD_SLASH had a typo and has been changed to FORWARD_SLASH. Fix #3271 (thanks @josedarioxyz)
  • Fixed issue with vertex buffer creation on Static Tilemap Layer, causing tilemap layers to appear black. Fix #3266 (thanks @akleemans)
  • Implemented Static Tilemap Layer scaling and Tile alpha support.
  • Fixed issue with null texture on Particle Emitter batch generation. This would manifest if you had particles with blend modes on-top of other images not appearing.
  • Added missing data parameter to ScenePlugin. Fixes #3810 (thanks @AleBles)