Phaser CE is the Community Edition of Phaser. In short, it's a version of Phaser that you, the community, have direct control over. We started it off with the 2.7.0 release and then handed it over to you.

Phaser 2 was a massive milestone for us, and we're still constantly amazed at all the cool things you've created, and continue to create with it. Thank you to everyone who has submitted an issue or pull request over the years, or helped the framework grow in any shape or capacity.

As of today all of our in-house resources are spent on building Phaser 3 and beyond. However we fully recognize that lots of you still use Phaser 2, and have a lot to contribute to its future. So this is what we've done:

  • Phaser 2.6.2 is the last 'official' release of Phaser 2
  • Phaser 2.7.0 and all future versions have been given to the community to maintain, published on npm as 'phaser-ce'

We'll give GitHub permissions to a select few individuals to help with this process if they request them. And when you, the community, request it, we will publish new versions to npm.

We believe this set-up will give us the best of both worlds. It will allow us to continue focusing our efforts on Phaser 3. And it will allow the community to enhance Phaser 2 for as long as they wish.

As always, check the Change Log to see what was added recently.

Keep your eyes on the web site, and subscribe to the weekly Phaser World newsletter. You can also follow on Twitter, or chat in the Phaser Slack and Discord channels.

There are also now more ways than before to help support the development of Phaser. The uptake so far has been fantastic, but this is an on-going mission. Thank you to everyone who supports our development. Who shares our belief in the future of HTML5 gaming, and Phasers role in that.

Download Phaser CE from GitHub