This is an archive of all the major releases of Phaser starting from the very beginning. Clicking a version number will show download links and release notes for that version.

Phaser 3

Version Name Date Info
v3.80.1 Nino 27th February 2024 View
v3.80.0 Nino 21st February 2024 View
v3.70.0 Yotsuba 10th November 2023 View
v3.60.0 Miku 12th April 2023 View
v3.55.2 Ichika 27th May 2021 View
v3.55.1 Ichika 26th May 2021 View
v3.55.0 Ichika 24th May 2021 View
v3.54.0 Futaro 26th March 2021 View
v3.53.1 Anastasia 8th March 2021 View
v3.53.0 Anastasia 8th March 2021 View
v3.52.0 Crusch 14th January 2021 View
v3.51.0 Emilia 5th January 2021 View
v3.50.1 Subaru 21st December 2020 View
v3.50.0 Subaru 16th December 2020 View
v3.24.1 Rem 14th July 2020 View
v3.24.0 Rem 13th July 2020 View
v3.23.0 Ginro 27th April 2020 View
v3.22.0 Kohaku 15th January 2020 View
v3.21.0 Senku 22nd November 2019 View
v3.20.1 Fitoria 15th October 2019 View
v3.20.0 Fitoria 11th October 2019 View
v3.19.0 Naofumi 8th August 2019 View
v3.18.1 Raphtalia 20th June 2019 View
v3.18.0 Raphtalia 19th June 2019 View
v3.17.0 Motoko 10th May 2019 View
v3.16.2 Ishikawa 11th February 2019 View
v3.16.1 Ishikawa 5th February 2019 View
v3.16.0 Ishikawa 5th February 2019 View
v3.15.1 Batou 16th October 2018 View
v3.15.0 Batou 16th October 2018 View
v3.14.0 Tachikoma 1st October 2018 View
v3.13.0 Yuuki 20th September 2018 View
v3.12.0 Silica 4th September 2018 View
v3.11.0 Leafa 13th July 2018 View
v3.10.1 Hayashi 13th June 2018 View
v3.10.0 Hayashi 13th June 2018 View
v3.9.0 Yui 24th May 2018 View
v3.8.0 Klein 16th May 2018 View
v3.7.1 Sinon 8th May 2018 View
v3.6.0 Asuna 19th April 2018 View
v3.5.1 Kirito 17th April 2018 View
v3.5.0 Kirito 16th April 2018 View
v3.4.0 Miyako 12th April 2018 View
v3.3.0 Tetsuo 22nd March 2018 View
v3.2.1 Kaori 12th March 2018 View
v3.2.0 Kaori 5th March 2018 View
v3.1.2 Onishi 23rd February 2018 View
v3.1.1 Onishi 20th February 2018 View
v3.1.0 Onishi 16th February 2018 View
v3.0.0 Kaneda 13th February 2018 View

Phaser 2 / Phaser CE

Version Name Date Info
v2.20.0 Phaser CE 13th December 2022 View
v2.19.2 Phaser CE 25th October 2021 View
v2.19.1 Phaser CE 21st October 2021 View
v2.19.0 Phaser CE 23rd August 2021 View
v2.18.0 Phaser CE 12th May 2021 View
v2.17.0 Phaser CE 16th March 2021 View
v2.16.2 Phaser CE 8th March 2021 View
v2.16.1 Phaser CE 28th October 2020 View
v2.16.0 Phaser CE 17th June 2020 View
v2.15.1 Phaser CE 27th May 2020 View
v2.15.0 Phaser CE 10th March 2020 View
v2.14.0 Phaser CE 20th January 2020 View
v2.13.3 Phaser CE 26th September 2019 View
v2.13.2 Phaser CE 24th May 2019 View
v2.13.1 Phaser CE 16th May 2019 View
v2.13.0 Phaser CE 13th May 2019 View
v2.12.1 Phaser CE 7th May 2019 View
v2.12.0 Phaser CE 6th February 2019 View
v2.11.1 Phaser CE 3rd October 2018 View
v2.11.0 Phaser CE 26th June 2018 View
v2.10.6 Phaser CE 4th June 2018 View
v2.10.5 Phaser CE 8th May 2018 View
v2.10.4 Phaser CE 4th May 2018 View
v2.10.3 Phaser CE 22nd March 2018 View
v2.10.2 Phaser CE 16th March 2018 View
v2.10.1 Phaser CE 19th February 2018 View
v2.10.0 Phaser CE 19th January 2018 View
v2.9.4 Phaser CE 20th December 2017 View
v2.9.3 Phaser CE 11th December 2017 View
v2.9.2 Phaser CE 10th November 2017 View
v2.9.1 Phaser CE 11th October 2017 View
v2.9.0 Phaser CE 9th October 2017 View
v2.8.8 Phaser CE 25th September 2017 View
v2.8.7 Phaser CE 12th September 2017 View
v2.8.6 Phaser CE 11th September 2017 View
v2.8.5 Phaser CE 31st August 2017 View
v2.8.4 Phaser CE 16th August 2017 View
v2.8.3 Phaser CE 24th July 2017 View
v2.8.2 Phaser CE 14th July 2017 View
v2.8.1 Phaser CE 22nd June 2017 View
v2.8.0 Phaser CE 31st May 2017 View
v2.7.10 Phaser CE 22nd May 2017 View
v2.7.9 Phaser CE 9th May 2017 View
v2.7.8 Phaser CE 8th May 2017 View
v2.7.7 Phaser CE 20th April 2017 View
v2.7.6 Phaser CE 13th April 2017 View
v2.7.5 Phaser CE 23rd March 2017 View
v2.7.4 Phaser CE 23rd March 2017 View
v2.7.3 Phaser CE 9th January 2017 View
v2.6.2 Kore Springs 26th August 2016 View
v2.6.1 Caemlyn 11th July 2016 View
v2.6.0 Fal Moran 8th July 2016 View
v2.5.0 Five Kings 17th June 2016 View
v2.4.9 Four Kings 17th June 2016 View
v2.4.8 Watch Hill 19th May 2016 View
v2.4.7 Hinderstap 22nd April 2016 View
v2.4.6 Baerlon 18th February 2016 View
v2.4.5 Sienda 17th February 2016 View
v2.4.4 Amador 15th October 2015 View
v2.4.3 Coramen 24th August 2015 View
v2.4.2 Altara 29th July 2015 View
v2.4.1 Ionin Spring 24th July 2015 View
v2.4.0a Katar 22nd July 2015 View
v2.4.0 Katar 22nd July 2015 View
v2.3.0 Tarabon 26th March 2015 View
v2.2.2 Alkindar 6th January 2015 View
v2.2.1 Danabar 4th December 2014 View
v2.2.0 Bethal 3rd December 2014 View
v2.1.3 Ravinda 23rd October 2014 View
v2.1.2 Whitebridge 9th October 2014 View
v2.1.1 Eianrod 11th September 2014 View
v2.1.0 Cairhien 9th September 2014 View
v2.0.7 Amadicia 18th July 2014 View
v2.0.6 Jornhill 10th July 2014 View
v2.0.5 Tanchico 20th May 2014 View
v2.0.4 Mos Shirare 29th April 2014 View
v2.0.3 Allorallen 11th April 2014 View
v2.0.2 Ghealdan 28th March 2014 View
v2.0.1 Lyrelle 24th March 2014 View
v2.0.0 Aes Sedai 14th March 2014 View

Phaser 1

Version Name Date Info
v1.1.6 Shienar 24th February 2014 View
v1.1.5 Saldaea 12th February 2014 View
v1.1.4 Kandor 5th February 2014 View
v1.1.3 Arafel 29th November 2013 View
v1.1.2 1st November 2013 View
v1.1.1 26th October 2013 View
v1.1.0 23rd October 2013 View
v1.0.6 20th September 2013 View
v1.0.5 18th September 2013 View
v1.0.4 18th September 2013 View
v1.0.3 17th September 2013 View
v1.0.2 15th September 2013 View
v1.0.1 15th September 2013 View
v1.0.0 13th September 2013 View

Phaser 0

Version Date Info
v0.9.7 24th May 2013 View
v0.9.6 2nd May 2013 View
v0.9.5 28th April 2013 View
v0.9.4 28th April 2013 View
v0.9.3 24th April 2013 View
v0.9.2 20th April 2013 View
v0.9.1 19th April 2013 View
v0.9.0 18th April 2013 View
v0.8.0 15th April 2013 View
v0.7.0 14th April 2013 View
v0.6.0 13th April 2013 View
v0.5.0 12th April 2013 View