Phaser CE v2.8.8 was released on 25th September 2017.

This release is 32 versions behind the latest Phaser CE release.


To download Phaser CE v2.8.8 use the links below:

Note: Phaser is a JavaScript library. It is not a program you run. It is a file you include in your JavaScript code. Please read the Getting Started Guide for more details.


This version of Phaser is available on npm. Install via:

npm install phaser-ce@v2.8.8

Also, see our create game app for a quick way to get started with Phaser and a bundler.


Phaser is available on the jsDelivr and cdnjs CDNs. Copy one of the following lines to your html:

        //  Un-minified

        //  Minified


View the GitHub Release Page for this version.

Browse the Phaser CE v2.8.8 GitHub repository as it existed on 25th September 2017. For old versions some images and links may be broken, but all the source files are available.