Before using any Phaser logo, read our Trademark and Logo Policy.

The Phaser logos are available for download in a variety of styles and formats.

Logo Download
Phaser planet logo Low Resolution
iPad Resolution
Web Quality
Print Quality
Phaser planet vector logo Vector (EPS)
Vector (Flash)
Phaser 2D logo Text Logo PNG
Text Logo PSD
Text Logo SVG
Text Logo AI

The following pixel-art logos are intended for use in your own games and demos (commercial and non-commercial alike). They do not follow the same trademark guidelines as the logos above. You are free to re-colour these logos as required.

Logo Download
Phaser pixel art logo Small + Flat (51 x 11)
Medium + Flat (104 x 22)
Medium + Shaded (104 x 25)
Large + Shaded (208 x 50)