Phaser has a large and vibrant community and there are many ways to join in. From dedicated chat rooms and forums to weekly newsletters. You can be as involved as you feel comfortable with, or have time for. But however you interact always be nice.


Join us on Discord! Chat to fellow Phaser devs and try not to abuse giphy 🙂 Our anti-harassment policy is not enforced in Discord, although we do have mods keeping an eye out for bad behavior.

Phaser Forum

Like a hustling and bustling market-place, there's always something interesting to see cooking in the forum. Thousands of fellow developers are available to help out, provide feedback for your games and share knowledge. The forum adheres to our anti-harassment policy.


A stream of game development links, screen shots, web dev, retro gaming and techy content. Our twitter account adheres to our anti-harassment policy.


We send our newsletter, Phaser World, every Friday. It carries a summary of all the new articles posted to the Phaser site along with new game releases, tutorials, and the Phaser Studio Developer Logs.

Don't code alone

Whatever you do though, don't code in isolation! Let's face it, making a game is hard. For some it's the act of coding they find difficult. For others it's getting the motivation to actually finish. Everyone needs a little encouragement or inspiration from time to time.

Anti-harassment Policy

We are dedicated to ensuring a harassment-free experience for everyone using Phaser. Please read our anti-harassment policy for further details.