Phaser by Example cover

We are very pleased to announce that a brand new book Phaser by Example is now available to download for free.

Written by long-time prolific Phaser enthusiast Pello Xabier Altadill and Richard Davey, creator of Phaser, it contains over 500 pages of brand-new, up-to-date content on building games with Phaser v3.80.

The book is divided into 17 chapters and takes you through the process of creating a variety of different games. As the title implies, this allows you to learn by working through real-life examples. The games start off simple with an infinite runner game - but then progress through how to build a shoot-em-up, a platformer, a puzzle game, a rogue-like, a story game, and even includes a 3D game and a Multiplayer shooter.

As well as the games, Richard has written a large section on the core concepts of Phaser, covering the terminology and conventions used by the framework, as well as a comprehensive deep dive into Game Objects - the life blood of any Phaser game. You'll be guided through topics including the Game Object Factory, Masks, custom Blend Modes, and lots more.

The book is then rounded out with chapters on working with assets, popular build tools, the rule of 4:44, and the benefits of taking part in game jams — as well as a handy Phaser cookbook.

Phaser Studio is offering the book as a free download in order to help spread knowledge and understanding about the Phaser game framework. The content will empower a whole new generation of developers and hopefully encourage all readers to give web game development a try.

To download Phaser by Example, simply register an account on the Phaser site. The book and source code will be waiting for you in the Downloads section of your account when you login.

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