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LREditor Tutorial 2

29th July 2014

This time we see how to set-up a new project

Game UI and UI Builder for Phaser

27th July 2014

Easily create windows, dialogs, buttons and more!

HTML5.Assist is in Beta

27th July 2014

An interesting new way to build Phaser projects without a web server

The Wizard

23rd July 2014

Makes Entertaining Magic for PC Gamers

LREditor Video Tutorial

21st July 2014

Covers installation, an example and getting started

Getting Started with Phaser

21st July 2014

A comprehensive guide to building the "Monster wants Candy" game

RUBE Box2d Loader Demo for Phaser!

19th July 2014

Also check out the Basic demo too.


16th July 2014

Phaser Game Editor

Making HTML5 Games with Phaser

15th July 2014

View these slides from the Indie Outpost meeting

Creating a Car with Phaser

13th July 2014

An interactive tutorial to P2 Physics and Springs

Setting up a Phaser Environment

13th July 2014

Intro To Phaser Part 1: Setting Up Your Dev Environment and Phaser

Phaser 2.0.6 is Released

10th July 2014

Containing the brand new Pixi 1.6 and loads more!

Indie Outpost Meetup

8th July 2014

Come and listen to Michel Wacker discuss Phaser game making

Phaser + Meteor Project Template

7th July 2014

For those who like to Meteorify their games

Browserify and Grunt powered Phaser Template

2nd July 2014

Get your build process in gear!

HTML 5 Shoot 'em Up in an Afternoon

1st July 2014

A fantastic and free Phaser book!

Phaser in the Develop 100 Tech List

1st July 2014

Our first ever entry and in 59th place