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Phaser Utilities from Phaser Games

29th June 2020

Phaser Games has released an awesome utility pack for Phaser 3 for free!

Space Love

26th June 2020

Avoid Meteors and gives those space balls some love.

Flappy Bird AI

24th June 2020

Teaching AI to Play Flappy Bird

Phaser Tutorial Series Finite State Machine

22nd June 2020

Using finite state machines to model player behaviour and animations.

Bouncy Woods

19th June 2020

A cute puzzle game by Robowhale.

Create Spelunky-style Level Transitions in Phaser

17th June 2020

Learn how to create fantastic level transitions in your Phaser 3 game.

Creating a Spotlight Effect in Phaser 3

15th June 2020

Tommy Leung from Ourcade shares an excellent tutorial on how you can create a flashlight or spotlight effect in Phaser 3!

Scrap Memories - Chapter One

12th June 2020

A heart wrenching story driven rpg mini-series created by Ernest Placido.

Creating a Phaser 3 Input Field

10th June 2020

In the first part of this tutorial, William Clarkston shows us how to create a text input field for Phaser 3.

Using AWS Amplify to Upload Phaser 3 Game

8th June 2020

Simone Cuomo shares an excellent tutorial on using AWS Amplify to upload a Phaser 3 game to the cloud!

Four Color Theorem - Coloring Puzzle Game

5th June 2020

Math Theorems, puzzle games, and Phaser? Check out this interesting game on Kongregate!

Fireboy and Watergirl 5: Elements

4th June 2020

Control Fireboy and Watergirl through a labyrinth of puzzles and traps in their fifth epic co-operative adventure. Work together, overcome the various obstacles, and reach intriguing new temples to explore.

Laura Coin Game

3rd June 2020

Laura Sammons has shared the code for her Laura Coin Platformer Game Phaser 3 game on GitHub!