Tommy Leung from Ourcade has released another great tutorial for Phaser 3. In this tutorial, you get to learn how you can use alpha masks in Phaser 3 to create a cool flashlight or spotlight effect.

In this article by Simone Cuomo, you learn how to use AWS Amplify to upload your Phaser game to the cloud in AWS. By the end of the tutorial, you will have a Phaser 3 game running on AWS.

From the article: "Creating a spotlight or flashlight effect in Phaser 3 is fairly simple once you know how to use alpha masks.

You can also use this technique for a 'magic lens' effect or anything that involves revealing hidden information.

If you are not familiar with using alpha masks in Phaser 3 then check out this first.

In this article, we will be building on the code example from our Reveal Effect in Phaser 3 with Alpha Masks to create a flashlight effect that illuminates a darkened Phaser logo."

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