We're very happy to announce that we have now integrated all of our framework and bundler templates within Phaser Editor. This gives you access to ready-made templates for frameworks such as React or Vue, and bundlers such as ESBuild, Webpack and Bun.

Currently, we support all of the following frameworks and bundlers:

Frameworks Bundlers
Vue.js Vite
React Rollup
Angular Parcel
Next.js Webpack
SolidJS ESBuild
Svelte Bun

Most of these come in both JavaScript and TypeScript versions.

To access them, close your current project and from the start screen select New Project:


From the New Project window, click the link "Get more in the Marketplace"


The full list of templates will now load. Click one to select it:


You will then be asked for the local folder in which to store your new project and the template will be downloaded and installed there.

Once this has completed, go to your Terminal (either via VSCode, or whatever CLI app you use), enter the project folder and type npm install. This will install all of the require dependencies. When complete, use npm run dev to launch the dev server. From this point on, edits made within Phaser Editor can be 'Run' and viewed immediately.

You will notice that the templates have been pre-configured with a Boot scene, a Preloader, a Main Menu, a Game and a GameOver Scene. You can edit these directly in Phaser Editor and VSCode, but they will give you a good starting base to build from.


Please see the README.md file that is installed into the project folder for details about bundling your final game and further instructions.

All of these templates are available immediately to all Phaser Editor v4 users.

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