Visually Create Phaser Games

Phaser Editor is a desktop application for creating Phaser games using a visual interface. Instead of entering numbers in your code to guess where to position game objects, use Phaser Editor to drag and drop them into place, tweak their animations, adjust their physics bodies, enable special effects and more as you go. It's quicker and faster for both artists and developers alike and publishes to pure Phaser code.

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Scene Editor

This is where the magic happens. The scene preview is rendered directly with Phaser, so you can be sure that what you see is what you get in the final game. Here you can drop new objects into the scene, which can be a Phaser Game Object, Bitmap Fonts, images you've prepared with the Asset Packer or your own prefabs.

Once added just select an item to bring-up the Inspector View, from where you can tweak all manner of properties. From tint colors, to changing the texture, to enabling special effects. Want to scale, rotate or move the object? Use the motion tools built into the editor and just drag it around the scene or adjust as required.

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Physics Tooling

Tools for easily creating and modifying Arcade Physics Game Objects. Make dynamic or static bodies, set body geometry and control all of the movement settings such as velocity, mass, gravity, damping, drag and rotation. Also configure collision values such as making bodies pushable, immovable, bounce, friction and ovelap.

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Animations Editor

A smart tool for manually or automatically creating sprite animations from texture frames. With a live animation preview and animation properties editor. Easily set the frame rate, delay, repeat, time scale and more.

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Asset Pack Editor

Even small games can end up having a lot of different assets. The Asset Pack Editor provides visual tools for you to clearly see which type of assets you've got in your game, with built-in preview, key and url inspector and easy export into a single JSON file. Naturally, the rest of Phaser Editor works seamlessly with these Asset Packs.

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Prefab System

Prefabs are a key concept in Phaser Editor. In short, they allow you to create reusable, customized objects, that contain all of their own appearance, properties and settings within them. These can then be replicated around the game as needed. You may be familiar with a similar concept from Unity. These handy little template objects can be used for anything from enemies, to coins, to the player object itself.

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Tiled Support

Tiled is a popular third-party tilemap editor which Phaser Editor has support for. Create your levels in tiled, export them as JSON and then you can easily add them and their tilesets into Phaser Editor, placing the Tilemap anywhere in your levels.

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Built-in Code Editor and full VS Code support

Phaser Editor includes a built-in code editor, however most developers prefer to work with VS Code and it will work seamlessly with this. Use Phaser Editor as your visual layout tool and enjoy the benefits of VS Code for your JavaScript or TypeScript coding.

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A User Component and Script Node are logical objects that can be used for visually composing game behaviours and properties.

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Constantly Updated

The lead developer of Phaser Editor, Arian Fornaris, joined the Phaser Studio team in December 2023. Since then, he has been busy updating and improving Phaser Editor, including this brand-new v4 release. We've many more plans for the editor in the coming months and subscribers will receive all updates free of charge.

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