Phaser Sandbox v3 is now available, offering an enhanced experience for testing, editing, and forking Phaser source code directly in the browser. This new version brings exciting features, including:

  1. Favorites: You can now 'favorite' other sandbox entries.
  2. Code Editor Theme Selection: Choose from popular themes like Cobalt, Monokai, and more!
  3. Updated Embed Feature: Works seamlessly from anywhere. Add your Sandbox entries to your blog, or anywhere an iframe is accepted.
  4. Editable Titles: Update your Sandbox entry title with a simple click.
  5. Fork Your Forks: You can now fork your own forks!
  6. New Starter Templates: Includes basic, minimal, and a template with Samme's Phaser Scene Inspector Plugin.
  7. Error Notifications: Get immediate feedback on code errors.
  8. Labs Import: You can now import any of the examples from Phaser Labs directly to the Sandbox. Just hit the 'Edit in Sandbox' button on the Labs (and be sure to be logged in!)

The Sandbox is free for all registered Phaser users. Check it out in action here.

Phaser Sandbox