You asked, and we listened! We're very pleased to bring you a Trial Version of Phaser Editor v4 so you can explore all of the benefits of this great tool.

What's more, you don't even need to download anything, as the Phaser Editor Trial is fully browser-based.

We've loaded it up with 3 sample projects to get you going. The first is a platform game, featuring a tilemap, cute pixel art and the use of Arcade Physics. The second is the classic Your First Phaser Game tutorial game all fully configured, so you can tweak it without touching any of the code! Finally, there is a Blank project, freshly baked and ready for your own touch of inspiration.

Nearly all features are available in the trial. You can't save your work, but you can import your own assets, edit the code, tweak object properties and much, much more.

So dig in, explore and have fun!

Try the Phaser Editor Trial