Phaser 3.85 Beta 1 is now available from GitHub and npm under the beta tag. This release continues our mission to stay on-top of issues while we build-out our brand new renderer and physics engines in parallel. New features include the ability to have more fine-grained control over when context loss and restoration occur, new orientation consts, new texture frame handling and lots of bug fixes and updates.

This release should be a perfectly seamless upgrade for anyone on v3.80 already. As always, look at the extensive Change Log to see exactly what's new. Please test this release thoroughly and report any issues you find. We hope to have the final release out in a matter of weeks.

Beyond that, we're now looking to the future. Development of our new renderer, Phaser Beam, has been on-going all year, and is really starting to pack a punch. You can track development in our weekly Dev Logs in the Phaser World newsletter. Our plan is to replace the renderer in Phaser 3 entirely with Phaser Beam.

We've also been working on Zeus, our physics engine. This was designed to replace both MatterJS and Arcade Physics. However, we are aware this will be a massive change and will break every game that relies on physics, so we're strongly considering using the version 4 tag to handle this. More details will be made available as we decide upon the best direction to take. We expect Zeus to enter private testing for all Phaser subscribers during July.

Download v3.85 Beta 1