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Creating Zuma with Phaser Tutorial

16th July 2024

Build a HTML5 game like Zuma with Phaser and TypeScript

Sea Match

14th July 2024

A challenging underwater puzzle adventure with timed levels and unique match-3 mechanics.

Phaser Beam Technical Preview 3

12th July 2024

Explore the latest advancements in the new Phaser renderer, featuring improved Game Objects, enhanced lighting, TileSprites and many more features!

Phaser Editor v4.1.0 Released

11th July 2024

Introducing native installers, easy to use templates, visual particle emitters, dependency installation and more in the largest Phaser Editor update this year.

Arsenal Online

10th July 2024

High-octane 2D shooter. Put your shooting skills to the test with over 200 weapons and attachments. Play solo or co-op online!

How to load assets via JSON

9th July 2024

Scott Westover's New YouTube Tutorial: Efficiently Load Game Assets in Phaser 3 Using External JSON Configurations

Bubble Tumble

8th July 2024

A high-quality, challenging bubble shooter with top-notch presentation and gameplay