We're not going to lie - Discord opening up its Activities to be able to run web games is the best thing it could ever do. The moment they announced it, we released our first tutorial that covered getting your Phaser game running on Discord. And now we're back with the much-requested follow-up tutorial: How to run a multiplayer Phaser game on Discord.

This consists of an open source project template that includes both client and server code, and a tutorial that explains what's going on and how to get it all running. We're using Colyseus for the backend, because it's free and fantastic.

The tutorial guides you through creating a simple interactive fridge, where you can drag stickers and letters around (or steal them off other players), or play a quick game of tic-tac-toe. It's not going to get Fortnite quaking in its boots, but that wasn't the objective: The point is to show you something simple but functional, for you to then learn from and expand in whatever exciting direction you wish to take it.

Oh and don't forget to share what you make on our own Discord!

Discord Multiplayer Tutorial