Phaser Editor v4.0.2 is now available and all subscribers can download it from their account. This is the second release this month and is dedicated to fixing a few bugs and adding a new feature that was requested on the Phaser Discord. From feature request, to a new version, within a few days.

Sprite Sheet Preview

The main new feature is the ability to preview Sprite Sheets directly in the Editor and then drag and drop frames from it directly onto the Scene. Sprite sheets are very common in pixel-art style games, or games featuring tile maps. And this new feature makes it much easier to visually align frames from the sheet with the rest of the Game Objects in your scene.

Sprite sheet viewer

If the image is very large, hold down the Alt or Option key and then drag the mouse to translate the image.

Sprite-sheet blocks

The Inspector view will now show the Sprite Sheet Preview when you select a sprite sheet asset in the Blocks view, but it also shows the viewer when you select an object in the scene with a sprite sheet texture.

This release also addresses a few bugs, including:

  • Use the object bounds to select a BitmapText
  • Fixes ColorMatrix FX code generation
  • Fixes compatibility issues with v3 configuration files and the -max-number-files flag

Subscribers can download and install the new release. For the rest of you, check out the Editor pages for more details or test the Trial Version, which has been updated for v4.0.2 as well.

Phaser Editor v4.0.2