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The Aeronauts

4th March 2021

Pilot your own hot air balloon and listen to the epic sound in this game from the film.

Kung Fu Master

2nd March 2021

Irem's classic arcade fighting game is bought to the browser.

Teen Titans Go! Summer Games 2020

26th February 2021

It's the summer games, Cartoon Network style! Pick a character and take part in lots of different mini-game events.

Chef Hero

24th February 2021

Take part in the World Chef Championships as Chef Hero, in a bid to save your mothers restaurant from closure.

Garden Tales

22nd February 2021

Combine and collect flowers, fruit and mushrooms across 700 levels in this beautiful and charming match 3 game.

Super Disc Duel II

19th February 2021

Get ready to rumble! Play as Gumball, a Powerpuff Girl, or many more, in this insane game of frisbee.

Sandcastle Battle

16th February 2021

Help the We Bare Bears defend their sandcastle from a group of kids in this Cartoon Network tie-in.

17th December 2020

Scratch your itch for Battle Royale with this low-pixel and high-thrill online shooter. 2D graphics, harsh environment, blasting guns, and lots of players to kill — this game has it all and more.

Basketball Legends 2020

15th December 2020

Shoot hoops against some of the biggest names in basketball. Play with friends or go solo in tournaments and quick matches.

Mecha Mayhem

24th August 2020

Regain control of your mech take down the corrupt mayor in this fun game!

Solus Sector Tactics

27th July 2020

A fun filled turn based strategy game.

The Legend of Orb

22nd July 2020

Check out this metroidvania game developed by stacksta.

Miner Dash

17th July 2020

Grab a pickaxe and dig away on this journey to the core of the Earth. A hyperactive miner, a bag of trusty tools, and a variety of resources, that’s all you need to drill through the many layers of Earth in this charming adventure.

Soap Bubbles

6th July 2020

Wash away germs in this free web game!

Left Right

1st July 2020

Match the color of the ball to the wall

Space Love

26th June 2020

Avoid Meteors and gives those space balls some love.

Bouncy Woods

19th June 2020

A cute puzzle game by Robowhale.

Scrap Memories - Chapter One

12th June 2020

A heart wrenching story driven rpg mini-series created by Ernest Placido.

Four Color Theorem - Coloring Puzzle Game

5th June 2020

Math Theorems, puzzle games, and Phaser? Check out this interesting game on Kongregate!

Fireboy and Watergirl 5: Elements

4th June 2020

Control Fireboy and Watergirl through a labyrinth of puzzles and traps in their fifth epic co-operative adventure. Work together, overcome the various obstacles, and reach intriguing new temples to explore.

Pickem's Tiny Adventure

24th April 2020

Can you save the Forest Kingdom in this extremely polished Gameboy inspired action adventure?

Zombie Hunter

17th April 2020

An endless runner with zombies, what more could you want?

Adventure Trail

10th April 2020

Jump, slide and slash your way around this pretty platformer.

Beautiful Bricks

6th April 2020

The Ultimate 4 Player Arcade Brick Breaker with physics based ball behavior, unique power-ups, boss battles and more!

Hub Run

30th March 2020

Endless runner based on the University of Alberta building.