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Let Him Brew! by lotus_1 was entered into the GameDev.js Jam 2024 in the Build it with Phaser category.

Here is what the Phaser Studio team thought of it:


"​Wow, this game is huge! I had real fun crafting potions and making the villagers test them :) It was very satisfying to get 3 stars! The only thing I struggled with was remembering which ingredients made which potion (I thought that would appear in the potion book, but I couldn't see it?). Great game though, especially for such a short timescale."


"Let Him Brew! has very cool concept to craft potions and help out the desperate villagers in the town, looking for help. In the meantime you can discover around 20 potions to help different type of quests. Menu and art style is taking me to oldschool times! I'd love to see more content, more discoveries and unexpected potion crafts!"

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