A tower defense game filled with 12 varied levels across 7 biomes and 14 unique monsters with 3 increasingly harder difficulties to challenge even the most experienced of tower defense gamers lurking in their strongholds.


In this realm of monsters you must defend the stronghold by recruiting wizards to join your defensive front.

Featuring 12 levels of vibrant, visually satisfying gameplay! More levels coming soon!

You must stop 14 unique and evil monsters from destroying your stronghold. With 12 strongholds to defend, you have a lot of work to do. Each monster has one goal and one goal only, and that is to destroy any towers in their way. Some monsters will explode at your stronghold causing damage, some will relentlessly attack until your stronghold is a pile of rubble.


Varied themes allow you to travel through the innocent grasslands, frolic through the fall leaves, stagger across the desert, trudge through the swamp and then the frigid snow, to hopefully arrive unscathed from the lava and volcanos at the dark and evil forests. 7 different biomes to challenge and delight.

Do YOU think you can handle tower defense games? With 3 difficulty settings ranging from normal, then hard, and finally INSANE, you will certainly have your fill.

Play tested by gamers like you and lovingly tweaked and improved for gamers like you.


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