A new version of the classic 1982 arcade game Donkey Kong Junior has been recreated in Phaser for the web by Net Ingredients. This modern adaptation of the Nintendo hit flips the roles from its predecessor: Mario is the villain, and Donkey Kong Jr. must rescue his kidnapped father, Donkey Kong.

The original game, designed by Shigeru Miyamoto and Gunpei Yokoi, featured four unique stages filled with various enemies like Snapjaws, Nitpickers, and Sparks. Players control DK Jr., navigating through vines, chains, and platforms, avoiding enemies and collecting keys to free Donkey Kong. The gameplay is fast-paced, with DK Jr. running, jumping, and climbing his way to victory. Holding one vine speeds his descent, while grasping two vines allows him to climb faster.


In this web version, all the beloved mechanics are back. Players can still knock down fruit to defeat enemies, and must complete the first three stages to reach the key next to Donkey Kong's cage. The final stage requires DK Jr. to push six keys into locks to finally free his father. Each stage is timed, with bonus points awarded for quick completions.

The storyline remains true to the original: Mario has captured Donkey Kong and taken him to his hideout. DK Jr. follows, braving various traps and enemies to save his father. The game ends with a satisfying cutscene of DK Jr. freeing Donkey Kong and the two escaping, leaving Mario defeated.

This faithful accurate re-creation offers the same engaging gameplay and nostalgic charm. Dive into the adventure, dodge enemies, and save Donkey Kong from Mario’s clutches once again! Oh and don't forget to press 5 to insert credits into the game before you can start it!

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