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Taru Taro Legends

5th April 2024

Jump, Run and Slash game in this side scrolling adventure

Haunted Tower

29th March 2024

If there's something strange in your neighbourhood, build a tower and zap it good!


15th March 2024

An infinite world of endless adventure

Match Bee

7th March 2024

Buzzing Through Blossoms: A Honey-Drenched Adventure in a Time-Ticking Floral Frenzy

Mahjong at Home - Scandinavian Winter Edition

16th February 2024

Home is where the Tiles are - dive into a cozy puzzle adventure with daily surprises.

Idle Zoo

5th August 2021

Sit back and watch your zoo grow from desolate penguin-prison to prosperous zootopia that makes you bundles of cash!

29th July 2021

Dip ever deeper into the ocean to find new and exotic lifeforms to sell!

27th July 2021

Expand your territory in this addictive IO game!

The Bowling Club

22nd July 2021

Bowl your way to victory in this singleplayer bowling game with an exclusive, jazzy aesthetic.

1 vs 1 Soccer

20th July 2021

Dash after the ball and leap over your opponent in this fast-paced soccer game!

Body Guard

15th July 2021

Blast away Coronavirus, Ebola and more in this pandemic inspired Web Monetized game.

Deadswitch 3

13th July 2021

A fast-paced 2D multiplayer shooter. Experience action-packed combat with hundreds of weapons and multiple solo and team-based game modes.

Atari Asteroids

8th July 2021

Blast rocks, dodge the saucers and hyperspace with care in the official web version of the Atari classic.

Mahjong Connect

6th July 2021

A classic Mahjong game with an old-school feel and retro music. Find the matching pairs and clear the board before the timer hits zero!

OddBods: Looney Ballooney

1st July 2021

Create a clear path so the explosive Oddbod character floats away safely by removing a range of obstacles as fast as you can!

Amazing Dominoes

29th June 2021

Enjoy 5 classic game modes with beautiful graphics, relaxing gameplay and six themes.

Farming 10x10

24th June 2021

It's the classic 10x10 game, given a rural twist!

Nerf: Be a Hero Again

22nd June 2021

Pick a player, grab a Nerf gun and blast your way through all the obstacles!


17th June 2021

It's sokoban, with slimes! Slide, push and fireball your way through 30 puzzle levels.

Undead Sokoban

15th June 2021

Push the dead back into their graves in this creepy Sokoban twist.

Hanger 2

11th June 2021

Swing your way to the finish and watch the grand finale as you're catapulted far across the terrain.

Run Panda Run

10th June 2021

This bouncing bear is embarking on an incredible journey. Tag along with him in Run Panda Run.

Amazing Word Twist

8th June 2021

Challenge your brain with this fun word-based puzzle game.


3rd June 2021

Can you restore your kingdom from dust and ruins in this massive midcore strategy game?

Sammy the Seal

1st June 2021

Slide Sammy around the ice as he tries to fill his face with fish.