"Set in the turbulent land of Eternya, where the rival forces of Ruynn and Rydania currently maintain an uneasy peace. Our tale unfolds in the principality of Granrock, a remote outpost nestled along the southern border of Rydania. The storyline follows a modest band of Rydanian soldiers entrusted with routine patrol duties in the area. However, their mundane assignment swiftly spirals into chaos as unforeseen circumstances propel them into a series of events that will not only reshape their destinies but also alter the course of Eternya's history."

In Eternya Tactics, you take charge of a squad comprised of four Rydanian soldiers, embarking on a quest to unravel the mysteries behind the emerging peculiarities. As you advance through the campaign, you'll confront waves of adversaries, formidable bosses, and receive aid from steadfast allies encountered on your journey.

Each soldier class boasts distinct skills, stats, and abilities essential for navigating the challenges ahead. Experiment with different combinations to triumph over your foes.

You'll need to equip your soldiers with a variety of weapons, armor, and accessories to optimize their capabilities and enhance your chances of success.

Harness the terrain to your advantage, strategically utilizing it to outmaneuver enemies and restore order to the realm of Eternya.



  • Play in single battle mode against the CPU or a local friend, or command your way through the story in the epic campaign mode!
  • Defeat menacing bosses and swarms of minions and get help from trusted allies met along the way!
  • Find useful treasure scattered across the maps and boost your units in battle by collecting magical runes dropped upon defeating others!
  • Choose from a wide variety of different classes, each with different skills, stats and abilities. Level up your characters to enhance them even further!
  • Equip your soldiers with different weapons, armour and accessories to maximize your abilities and improve your odds of victory!
  • Utilize terrain bonuses to your advantage, whether it's the different movement effects, increasing your defence or accuracy or even recovering health!
  • Continue your journey through the campaign anywhere, in any browser with your web key, found in the full game.


A solo developer from BC, Canada, Kainage is the pseudonym of Antonio -- a software engineer by day and game developer by night. A creator at heart, a passion for games and a love for the tactical RPG genre has led to the creation of Eternya Tactics.

After immersing himself in learning game development with Phaser by working on the free online multiplayer JRPG-style game Eternaway, Kainage created War on Ice, a war-style card game inspired by ice hockey. Building on this experience, he decided to develop a new stand alone TRPG set in the same land as Eternaway.

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