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Power Toys by MadMarcel was entered into the GameDev.js Jam 2024 in the Build it with Phaser category, where the Phaser team ranked it in 6th place. It also came 7th overall in the whole contest.

Here is what the Phaser Studio team thought of it:

"Who doesn't love playing with radio-controlled toys? I certainly do and this was no exception. I loved how you had to literally use the controller to make them do things, and swapping controller swapped the toy. The camera zoom feature was very helpful and I enjoyed my time controller the race car, digger and helicopter. I still think the race car was the best of all though, especially with its sound effect. Perfectly on-theme, too! And really nice visuals. Great stuff."


"Powertoys is a well-made physics based puzzle platformer game where you can use multiple vehicles to reach to end point. Visuals look great, mechanics are easy to handle, default camera zoom out would make it easier to see though! I'd like to play full-version of this game."

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