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Phaser and Netbeans

13th January 2014

Part 3 of using Phaser with the NetBeans IDE.

Phaser and Netbeans

5th January 2014

Part 2 of using Phaser with the NetBeans IDE.

Phaser 1.1.4 released

5th January 2014

Checkout the new features and roadmap

Phaser and Netbeans

4th January 2014

Part 1 of using Phaser with the NetBeans IDE.

How to Make Your First Roguelike

22nd December 2013

A great tutorial on making a roguelike game in Phaser

How to Learn Phaser

21st December 2013

A detailed overview of how to learn Phaser from GameDevTuts+

Phaser Games in Ludum Dare 28

20th December 2013

Over 20 games made with Phaser were entered!

How to us Phaser with Typescript

11th December 2013

A new 2 part tutorial series


7th December 2013

Making your first Phaser game

Phaser Newsletter

2nd December 2013

Issue 1 of our newsletter is out

Phaser 1.1.3 Released

29th November 2013

New WebGL shaders, BitmapData, JSHint, IE11 updates and new documentation.


24th November 2013

A Phaser version of the city41 Breakout comparison test.

Phaser Newsletter

8th November 2013

A regular game making newsletter with mini tutorials and community news.

Phaser 1.1.2 Released

1st November 2013

Enhancements to Full Screen API support and a new Project Template added.

Let's Learn Phaser

29th October 2013

Youtube Videos

Phaser 1.1

25th October 2013

Phaser 1.1 is released :)