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Phaser 1.1.4 released

5th February 2014

Checkout the new features and roadmap

From the forum

17th January 2014

Use FlashDevelop IDE to make Phaser Games with PhaserHaxe

Create an HTML5 game

16th January 2014

Make a game like Space is Key

One new HTML5 game per week

15th January 2014

12 games in 12 weeks

Phaser and Netbeans

13th January 2014

Part 3 of using Phaser with the NetBeans IDE.

Phaser and Netbeans

5th January 2014

Part 2 of using Phaser with the NetBeans IDE.

Phaser 1.1.4 released

5th January 2014

Checkout the new features and roadmap

Phaser and Netbeans

4th January 2014

Part 1 of using Phaser with the NetBeans IDE.

How to Make Your First Roguelike

22nd December 2013

A great tutorial on making a roguelike game in Phaser

How to Learn Phaser

21st December 2013

A detailed overview of how to learn Phaser from GameDevTuts+

Phaser Games in Ludum Dare 28

20th December 2013

Over 20 games made with Phaser were entered!

How to us Phaser with Typescript

11th December 2013

A new 2 part tutorial series


7th December 2013

Making your first Phaser game

Phaser Newsletter

2nd December 2013

Issue 1 of our newsletter is out

Phaser 1.1.3 Released

29th November 2013

New WebGL shaders, BitmapData, JSHint, IE11 updates and new documentation.


24th November 2013

A Phaser version of the city41 Breakout comparison test.

Phaser Newsletter

8th November 2013

A regular game making newsletter with mini tutorials and community news.

Phaser 1.1.2 Released

1st November 2013

Enhancements to Full Screen API support and a new Project Template added.

Let's Learn Phaser

29th October 2013

Youtube Videos

Phaser 1.1

25th October 2013

Phaser 1.1 is released :)