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Basketball Stars

28th June 2019

Show off your basketball skills and see if you can score a three-pointer or slam home an impressive dunk! You can play as many different legendary teams and try out both your defensive and offensive skills.

Making a Video Game using Phaser

28th June 2019

How a beginner developer took on the challenge of creating his own game from scratch in Phaser and what he learned on the way.

Creating a Phaser 3 Template Part 2

27th June 2019

In part two the template is expanded further, with pre-built title, options and credits scenes.

Pool Club

27th June 2019

Pool Club is a smooth solo player pool game. Join our club and let time fly while sinking some balls.

Getting Started with Phaser Part 5

26th June 2019

Part 5 of the animated video series on getting started with Phaser 3, this time sprite sheets and clickable sprites are introduced.

String Avoider Tutorial

25th June 2019

Drag the string to the goal as you learn how to create this update of a classic Flash game.

Parallax Scrolling with TileSprites Tutorial

24th June 2019

How to create a parallax scrolling effect with Tile Sprites, including pixel art assets to download.

Getting Started with Phaser Part 4

21st June 2019

Part 4 of the animated video series on getting started with Phaser 3, this time all about moving images.

Creating a Multiplayer Phaser 3 Game Part 3

20th June 2019

In part 3 learn how to add client side logic for handling player input and collectibles.

Endless Runner Tutorial Part 5

19th June 2019

Adding deadly fire to the game and making it more fun to play by reducing the players hitbox.

Phaser 3.18.0 Released

19th June 2019

Another month, another hot new release of Phaser! This time bringing a rewrite of the Input API, full multi-touch, mouse wheel support and more.

Endless Runner Tutorial Part 4

18th June 2019

In the next part of this series Emanuele adds in a scrolling parallax background.

Chess Grandmaster

17th June 2019

A wide range of checkmate puzzles across two different game modes ensure hours of mental activity for chess fans!

Making things Jump in Phaser 3 Tutorial

17th June 2019

Carrying on from the Gravity tutorial it's time to make things jump!

Creating a Multiplayer Phaser 3 Game Part 2

14th June 2019

In part 2 of the series learn how to add and server logic for adding and removing players.

SameGame Library and Phaser 3 Example

13th June 2019

A JavaScript class to handle same-game logic and a Phaser 3 implementation example.


13th June 2019

A combat based RPG spread over a huge map. Imagine Harry Potter mixed with Pokemon!

GameShell - A hackable portable game console

12th June 2019

A portable, modular console you build yourself, capable of running Phaser games directly.

Glowing Abyss

11th June 2019

Beware of the depths as you swim down into the darkness in order to try and get your eggs back.

Converting a Flash game to HTML5

11th June 2019

A blog post detailing the process of converting a legacy Flash game to HTML5 and the tools available.

Patchwork Harmony

10th June 2019

A charming puzzle platform game in which you have to get the toy bunny to the little girl for her birthday.

Using Gravity in Phaser 3 Tutorial

10th June 2019

A mini tutorial all about using gravity and sound effects in Arcade Physics.

Phaser Editor 2.1.0 Released

7th June 2019

A massive new release of the best Phaser IDE ever created is now available, including stunning new features and updates.

Stranger Things: Monster Flash

7th June 2019

A pixel art arcade action game harking back to the era the Netflix show is set in. Grab your camera and shoot your way through the monsters.

Junior Chess

6th June 2019

A cute chess game designed specifically to help teach the younger generation how to play this classic.